Hello ! I am currently a PhD candidate in Statistics and Machine Learning. I am working at CMAP in Ecole Polytechnique supervised by Éric Moulines and Arnaud Doucet from Oxford University.

You can find a version of my Curriculum Vitae here.

I am interested in problems at the intersection of mathematics and computation, and in particular between classical statistical and mathematical modeling and Machine Learning tools. My PhD focuses on “Novel Variational Methods for Inference and Learning in high dimensions”, and especially around Monte Carlo methods, dealing with Markov chain Monte Carlo, Variational Inference, generative modeling. I am also very interested in uncertainty quantification, using Bayesian inference. I am glad to say that my manuscript has been submitted !! You can find a pdf version here.

Previously, after 2 years of prépa at Stanislas, Paris, I got into the École polytechnique in 2015, where I was in the “section rugby”. In 2018/2019, I went to Oxford University for the Master of Science in Statistical science, from which I graduated with distinction.

I am very interested nowadays in real world applications, especially in the agricultural and agronomic fields. My ongoing project features some crop yield prediction with uncertainty using Bayesian Neural Networks and satellite imaging. Always keen on hearing about opportunities and projects in those fields !

Apart from that, I play tennis, follow rugby and do a few experiments about cooking, brewing, fermenting or curing anything I can get my hands on ! A related blog page is coming, but I also am open always to discussions about new ideas !